About Us

WellBeing Midwest provides a comprehensive sharps and medical waste disposal program designed to fit each client’s needs.

Our Mission

WellBeing Midwest provides superior, customized and reliable services for organizations of all industries and sizes in Kansas and Missouri.

Our Core Values

WellBeing Midwest is based on the values of respect, loyalty, ethical practice, company reputation, and spiritual growth to guide us in delivering superior services.

Why Wellbeing Midwest?

We believe in assessing the true needs of a business. Contact us today, we will be happy to come to your facility to see how we can help you.

  • Specialized services to fit your facility’s needs
  • Flexible pick up schedules
  • Personal and reliable customer service
  • We are local and available
  • No contracts – only basic service agreement
  • No monthly service fees
  • We offer competitive (and most often lower) prices and no hidden fees
  • You determine your pick up schedule
  • Awarded Kansas State contract for Sharps and Bio-Waste disposal
Wellbeing Midwest Medical Waste Disposal Boxes

Our Story

Tempe Hardy Wellbeing Midwest

Tempe Harty, WellBeing Midwest President, Owner

Through her 28-years of business experience in the competitive retail and property management industry, Tempe learned the importance of customer service in retaining tenants. The WellBeing business model emphasizes customer service and problem solving, which helped her to make the decision to start Wellbeing Midwest with her husband.

After surveying the Midwest’s need for touch-free hygiene products and services, Tempe sought out the owner and founder of WellBeing Hygiene and quickly realized that they shared the same values and beliefs. Built on trust and treating others with respect, Tempe opened WellBeing Midwest in the Kansas City area in 2008.

In 2010 another division was added to the company, Sharps and medical waste disposal.  Tempe saw a need for a service that provided no long-term contracts and a program to fit each customer’s needs at a reasonable price.  Today, Wellbeing Midwest is focused primarily on it's comprehensive medical waste removal program.

Wellbeing Midwest is Kansas State certified as a WBE and DBE and was awarded the Kansas State contract for sharps and medical waste disposal.

Tempe is a member of several charity-boards, chambers and other local, charitable organizations in the Kansas City area and has made the Kansas City area her home since 1992.

Scott Harty, Medical Waste Removal Specialist, Co-Owner

For more than 30 years, Scott has worked in the packaging industry.  From customer service to sales and management, he learned early on the importance of value, trust and respect in obtaining and retaining customers.

Happily married to Tempe for 19 years, Scott joined Tempe in their quest to provide much-needed solutions to Greater Kansas City area.  Growing their services to include medical waste removal and disposal in 2010, Scott has taken the lead in seeking out the latest, environmentally and efficient technology in the field while obtaining the necessary certifications to best serve his clients.

“I will always be grateful to those who selected me for my first position in the packaging industry. They instilled professionalism, were great role models and taught me that if you put your clients’ interests first, everything else will fall into place."

Scott Hardy Wellbeing Midwest

Our Partners

Ashli Gill

Ashli Gill, OSHA Training Partner, Excellence in Practice, LLC

We are proud to partner with Excellence in Practice to provide our customers with a variety of training opportunities to help them become and stay compliant.  Our partnership allows our customers the ability to take advantage of Risk and Compliance policy formation and regulatory trainings.

Ashli Gill is a management consultant that has spent her career in the field of health care. Ashli has had the honor of contributing her knowledge and skills to dental offices for over 20 years. The field of dentistry has been the center of her working career but her education and skills offer smart solutions to any team in the dental/medical profession. Her love of the healthcare field and drive to always improve the doctor patient relationship, as well as the relationship of the health care team has led her to master compliance, human resources and practice management. Ashli offers her invaluable hands on experience in the field combined with her formal education in Accounting, Management, and Human Resources.

She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Health Care Management and is a member of the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM), The Dental Manager Network Society, and The Front and Center Study Club for KS/MO Dental Office Managers. She is a lifelong learner with a passion for helping educate others in ways that allow them to reach their personal and professional goal of being excellent in their area of practice.