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Medical Waste Removal Specialists Respond to Coronavirus Pandemic

By WellBeing Midwest | March 22, 2020

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU RE: COVID-19 Wellbeing Midwest, (sharps/medical/bio hazard waste disposal specialist), is committed to you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our state, local and federal approved compliance protocols help to ensure the destruction of harmful bacteria that protect our clients, employees and public. We are operating business as usual. Please contact us for […]

Avoid Costly Medical Waste Disposal Mistakes

By WellBeing Midwest | January 30, 2018

Everyone creates trash. However, the way in which we dispose of our trash and waste can and should be different. Some choose to recycle. Some choose to burn trash in a five-gallon drum. Some toss it in the nearest trash can. Yet, bio-medical waste is not your “normal” trash or waste. In fact, it is […]

Interview Your Medical Waste Company Before Hiring

By WellBeing Midwest | January 23, 2018

Does your facility produce medical waste? Do you need to have your facility’s waste removed properly and legally? Is your business new to the area and you don’t know who to call?  Or, are you searching for a new medical waste removal company? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s important […]

Separating Your Waste Saves You Money

By WellBeing Midwest | January 16, 2018

Medical waste containers aren’t trash cans. You can’t just throw anything in them. Only certain items should be disposed of in these special containers.  They are designed to contain and seal biohazardous waste for transport. However, some rules can be confusing, which may result in improper use of medical waste containers or improper disposal of […]

Biomedical Waste at a Dental Office

By WellBeing Midwest | December 18, 2017

A dental office is a busy place. Patients are going in and out of exam rooms: Dentists, hygienists, and assistants are buzzing from one patient to the next. This constant movement, along with the design of the dental exam rooms can pose a problem for many dental offices when it comes time to plan for […]